Announcement: broadway proxy

I’m pleased to announce the initial release of my broadway proxy:

This project provides a dynamic proxy for gtk applications running in broadway ( html5 ) mode. It includes an authentication page, an application selection page, an application session manager ( for launching an monitoring application instances ), and the proxy itself. It also has a gtk GUI for managing users/logins, applications, and configuring custom ports. With all these pieces, you can provide authenticated access to multiple browser clients for your configured gtk apps, using a single exposed port.

The code is very much hacked together from other people’s work, but a custom version of it has been in use in various commercial consulting projects for a while now, and it works surprisingly well.

As noted in the README/TODO, there is currently no https termination. Having said that, for one project I did have to cobble together an nginx https proxy in front of everything else, and it was pretty easy to set up ( with help from another ops guy ). Patches/feedback welcome :slight_smile:


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