Alt -Tab - Changing the location of window name from the middle area to just below the Window image

How can I change the location of the window name presented in the middle section of the Alt-Tab box to just below the window itself?

The problem I’m facing is that there are multiple windows for the same application and to find the correct one I’ve to press Tab and then look at the name shown in the middle. This does not seem to be a good experience as I’ve to change the focus area multiple times. If the name is shown just below the selected window then I will not have to look at other locations to find the name.

  1. OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  2. GNOME Version: 3.36.8
  3. Windowing System: X11

I’m running GNOME 40 and the window titles show right bellow the thumbnails.

That’s a difference between the (default) app switcher and the window switcher. The former behaves as @felipeborges says, while the latter is modeled after the old GNOME 2 tab popup.

The centered position means that the label is more disconnected from the window icon, but also that the title is less likely to end up being ellipsized :man_shrugging:

There is no setting for changing that behavior, but it’s all implemented in JS, so an extension can override it.

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Hi @fmuellner, Thanks for the info.

I agree that the untrimmed name does provide more info. I hope the window names remain small and distinguishable when they are shown just below(or top) of the window image.

If the window image is a little larger and the window name’s font a little smaller then maybe it can be accommodated. A better option would be to let the user change/update the icon shown in the Alt-Tab box so that they don’t even need to look at the window name to distinguish.

this could be achieved with extensions.

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