Allow System Monitor panel information to be moved to right

I have no space to the left of my clock, I would like to put the system monitor to the right, like how it can be done with the app tray.

Even better would be a way to customise all items in the panel via panel settings, like the desktop bar on Linux Mint.

Try this Gnome Shell Extension

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It would be nice to have it build into top bar settings, if I install an extension I need to factor in the security aspect. Will it update automatically? If so then newly added malicious code could infect my system. If it’s inside gnome, then I assume there are more security checks.

Can this extension also change the order of items in the system tray? Windows can do this.

I think maybe dragging items in the top bar, like Windows. Or unlocking the dragging ability when right clicking and pressing edit mode, like KDE, but more straight forward.

Same for changing clock format on top bar, it is a complication to have to install an extension for this.