Allow night light to be always on


I just noticed that I’ve been doing a little hack for years in order to leave night light always on, and it could instead be another option.

In gnome-settings/screens/night light, you have a toggle to enable / disable the night light. Once it’s enabled, you have two schedule options: it can automatically detect when the sun sets and turn it on, or it can be manually turned on from a start hour:minute until an end hour:minute.

I’m here to propose a third alternative, allow it to be always on (without taking a schedule into account).

So the three alternatives would be:
Always On
From sunset to sunrise
Manual schedule

This should solve something which I do, and I bet there are more people that also do… Set the schedule to manual and then choose a 24h range, like from 6am to 6am, so that it keeps the night light always on.

Thank you for your attention! I’d be glad to try and implement such a thing by the way, but I just want to hear about the idea.

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