ALL wireless printers are automatically added to the print dialog - Is that really the intended behavior?

Tested on Ubuntu 22 / Gnome 42

Whenever I connect to a new wireless network, all wireless printers from that network show up in the print dialogs. Is that really the intended behavior ?

I’m not a network expert, but to my knowledge Avahi is supposed to discover all mDNS printers from the network. But should all discovered printers really automatically pop up in the print dialogs ??? Shouldn’t Gnome propose some kind of intermediary setting, where I would be able to pick the discovered printers on which I intend to print, and discard the others ?

Today I connected to a company’s Wi-Fi network, and about a dozen printers showed up. I inadvertently printed a document on a wrong printer, I don’t even know where that printer is. Some unknown employee got a printout of one of my emails.

Having all these unnecessary printers in the print dialogs is not only messy, but can also be outright dangerous !

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