Aging gnome-keyring MR needs review

Don’t know if this is how things are done here, but since my comments on GitLab might as well be piped to /dev/null, I’m hoping someone (maintainer? release team?) would take a look at this MR:

Please note that this fixes (if correct) a decade-old mistake flagged by multiple people other than me as both a UX frustration and a security issue.

Sorry that this is not getting much response. I know it’s frustrating!
I think probably your best bet is to find out who’s a maintainer of that package, or who has knowledge of its internals, and try to approach them on Matrix chat. GNOME developers do have merge permissions for any package, but along with that goes that people are generally cautious about using their powers on packages that they’re not familiar with. This looks like a nontrivial enough patch in a package that I’m not familiar with, that I wouldn’t be comfortable just going ahead and merging it, and I suspect others might feel the same.

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