After open two menu on GTK3 program, touchsceen click discard on GTK2 window

environment description:

  1. Debian 10, LXDE OpenBOX
  2. xserver-xorg-core version: 2:1.20.4-1
  3. touchscreen driver: gt9xx.c
  4. hardware platform: rockchip rk3288 which is 32bit armhf, also reproduce under rk3399 which is 64bit ARCH64.

reproduce procedure:

  1. Touch applets in “tray-zone” like nm-appet to active their menu.
  2. Touch somewhere on desktop or taskbar except menu. menu will closed
  3. Then [Start menu], and Desktiop ICON stop response touch click event. ( you may moving mouse pointer to there, but click not working )
  4. This can be reproduce 100%
  5. The window program opened already can respone touch click event correctly, also mini ICON in quick-start bar like chorme, PCmanFM can been active by touch click.
  6. Tt will last until you moving some window, moving by what i mean is keep finger touch the title of a window program then moving a little bit to diffrence x,y position.


  1. this issue can be reproduced while switch to xfce4 and xfwm4 (another lightweight desktop) which imply it’s independant to window manager or desktop.
  2. through xinput test-xi2 --root print output, touch begin/end event is correct while touch click bug happen.
  3. Using program like NetworkManager nm-applet, bluetooth applet both have menu will trigger bug. menu from APPs like Mousepad and Galculator also does. pcmanFM’s menu(a filemanager of LXDE) doesn’t have this issue. they have difference style of menu while could been tell by look.

any idea might be useful is a welcome feedback.

confirmed this could simply reproduce

  1. apt install gtk-3-examples
  2. gtk3-demo
  3. select menus then click run. open diffrence menu

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