Aeroplane mode and Bluetooth on at the same

When using devices with other OSs (Windows and Android) I notice that I can turn on aeroplane mode, which automatically disables Bluetooth. But I can then turn on Bluetooth again, and aeroplane mode remains active. This is useful since I can use my Bluetooth earbuds on an aircraft whilst still complying with the airline’s requirement to have aeroplane mode turned on throughout the flight.

On gnome the behaviour is different: turning on Bluetooth forces a disabling of aeroplane mode. There appears to be no way to have aeroplane mode and Bluetooth turned on simultaneously. Please could you consider offering the option? Thanks.

“It’s complicated” :smile:

At the core of most issues around airplane mode is that it doesn’t really exist as an actual state (neither on the kernel-, systemd-, or even gnome-settings-daemon level). Instead, it’s cobbled together from other states (most importantly, network and bluetooth’s rfkill support).

See this issue (and its countless duplicates) for more context.

There is an open MR request that looks promising at a quick glance.

Ah, ok. Thanks for the reply.

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