Adwaita OverlaySplitView doesn't handle widgets properly

i have adwaita OverlaySplitView

in the sidebar i have a Grid of buttons

in the content i have a Grid of buttons

i attach popovermenus to the buttons in each grid

when the invoke the popover through secondary press - the menu displays normally in the content side of the splitview

when i invoke the popover menu in the sidebar side of the spiltview i get the

Broken accounting of active state for widget (at a hex address)

if i swap the grid from sidebar to content side and vis versa - i still get the same error - so the error is not from what i’m doing with my grid

it is an errror in how the adwaita OverlaySplitView is handling its widgets

How to I ascertain what is going wrong in order to assist the developers to remedy this inconsistency? happy to help

please excuse my earlier frustration - being new to Vala and Gnome development it takes quite a while to find relevant documentation and examples for Gtk 4 stuff

i have wrapped Gtk Grid in a class wrapper that allows dynamic resizing of grids and handling of button widgets in the grid - will share once i get it working to my satisfaction - work in progress

the fact that i can swap the two grids from sidebar to content and have them behave properly in the content side of the OverlaySplitView tells me that there is an error in the way that the sidebar section is handling its widgets

i’m not new to software development - just new to Gtk

what is going on?

You’d need to show a reproducer, as is it’s impossible to say.


Is it the issue you’re facing?
If yes it has nothing to do with OverlaySplitView.

It’s a known problem that sometimes occur when using popups. The real rootcause is still unclear, but it should not have any negative functional impact. You can safely ignore this warning.