Adwaita icon theme legacy release

Initial release of adwaita-icon-theme-legacy 46.2 is available for download. It’s meant to address 3rd party apps depending on old style fullcolor icons that are no longer shipped with the modern GNOME SDKs. See issue for more details.
sha256sum: 548480f58589a54b72d18833b755b15ffbd567e3187249d74e2e1f8f99f22fb4



The GitLab issue has a lengthy discussion, can it be summarized? The README in the tarball also links to the GitLab issue.

How am I supposed to make use of it for applications that need the legacy icons? Both as a user and also as a maintainer of such an app.

What I tested:

  1. Install adwaita-icon-theme-legacy from the tarball.
  2. Used gnome-tweaks to switch the icon theme to AdwaitaLegacy.

But then applications (like gnome-tweaks) that work well with the default Adwaita also switch to AdwaitaLegacy with the colored icons, which is not desirable. Only specific apps need the AdwaitaLegacy icon theme, not all.

adwaita-icon-theme 46.2 will release with inheritance from adwaita-icon-theme-legacy. This will restore the state of GNOME 43 without shipping legacy icons with recent GNOME SDK. If distros make adwaita-icon-theme-legacy a dependecy of a-i-t, old apps relying on fullcolor icons will not end up with missing icons.

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Is this supposed to work for GTK 3 apps that have a traditional design with a menubar and toolbar?

I’ve tested the changes with gtk3-demo → ‘Application Class’ demo. It has a toolbar with some icons in symbolic and other icons in color. However by looking at the .ui file it doesn’t ask for symbolic icons.


<property name="icon-name">document-open</property>

it’s document-open-symbolic from Adwaita that is shown, not document-open from AdwaitaLegacy :confused:

Symbolic icons might take precedence due to the stylesheet, but that’s outside of the scope of the discussion. adwaita-icon-theme-legacy’s existence isn’t to avoid using symbolics, but avoid 3rd party apps coming up with no icons at all.

The problem I describe has the same origin: the removal of colored icons from adwaita-icon-theme.

So adwaita-icon-theme-legacy is only a partial solution (which is better than nothing of course!).

Edit: new GitLab issue filed.

FYI, the just released icon theme spec 0.18 started mandating that themes from which one inherits are installed: Ensure that base themes are installed (#21) (!5) · Merge requests · xdg / default-icon-theme · GitLab

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