Adwaita: extra-large scrollbars and shadows


When using libadwaita (tested v1.4), I noticed some weird differences compared with the default gtk4 theme:

  • the scrollbars are unusually large. An horizontal one will cover nearly an entire row in ListViews (see below: only 6px left to select the last row!)
  • the window’s box-shadow are huge, huge, HUUUUUGE… I measured up to 67 pixels! This is especially annoying in Windows10, the shadow catches all mouse events, so we can’t select other windows stacked just behind!


For comparison, when using the gtk4 default theme:

  • scrollbars are thinner, they let 11px to select the last row
  • window’s box-shadow are max 17px wide only



Is that normal and expected? There are probably good reasons for this, but can’t figure out what…

Yes, it is normal and expected.

the shadow catches all mouse events, so we can’t select other windows stacked just behind!

This is not though, and I’ve never seen that so it probably only happens on Windows.

As for hovering the last row - while it is indeed awkward (mostly because there’s no padding at the bottom), you can hover the row all the way until here:


Which is more than enough for selecting it.

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Ah, OK, thanks for the confirmation! :slight_smile:

Looks like Win32 only, yes.
I’ll have a look later then.

Well, yes, as long as the scrollbar is not hovered it’s stays thinner. But usually I reach the bottom scrollbar by “throwing the mouse down”, which will hover the bar…

About the padding, it’s a good point: I just tested a small CSS hack:

listview { padding-bottom: 12px; }

that allows some extra scrolling at the button, so easier to reach the last row. That’s great, I remember we couldn’t do that with the old TreeView. I’ll use that trick for my projects I think.

Correct - listview does allow things like that unlike treeview, it’s just that the default style basically emulates treeview

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