Adjusting configuration of Discourse for GIMP

Neil McGovernGNOME wrote,
“… interact with Discourse via email. …
At the top of the category, click on the circle on the right hand side.”

A shot of my screen for the GIMP category is here.

Where is the screen illustrated by Neil?

Thanks, …P.

It’s the bell icon in the top right, to the right of the New Topic button.

Hello jakedane,

A click on the bell opens a drop down menu with
Watching First Post

I tried all. None gives a window as illustrated by Neil. =8~/

Thx, … P.

You linked to a topic that is almost 4 years old. Discourse has evolved over time and looks somewhat different now.

What screenshot of Neil’s are you asking about? The 1st screenshot is the same as the drop down menu on the bell icon. Looks slightly different, but it’s the same otherwise. The 2nd screenshot is from Preferences, found where Neil says you find them:

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