Adding new categories?

We (guadec organisers) were thinking of moving guadec-volunteers from a mailing list to Discourse. What’s the best way to go about that?

At the moment it’s a private list that anyone can request to join and which is shown in the mailing list list so that people an actually find it. Is it possible to do something similar with Discourse?

We want to keep discussion private as there may be some communication on sensitive topics.

Hrm. Discourse can have private categories which people can use, and this can be controlled by groups. The ACLs I can add are:

  • Create/reply/see
  • Reply/see
  • See

I can’t set the category to be visible but not the contents, but the group page (similar to can be set to Allow users to send membership requests to group owners.

Should I set up a guadec-volunteers group and category? If so, I’ll need to know:

  • The initial membership and owners
  • A title for the group and the category
  • A short description for the group and category
  • What ACL you want setting.

@kat - any update here?