Adding a tablet mode toggle to the quick settings menu to skip heuristics, behind a GConf option

Hello! I would like to know what the process is (if any) to get a feature added into GNOME. The gist of it is, I would like to add a switch in the quick settings tray to enable / disable tablet mode regardless of heuristics, but place it behind a GConf setting so only users with broken accelerometers would seek out the option and enable it, as it serves no purpose and is probably undesirable to anyone whose unit properly goes into tablet mode

There are a LOT of HP 2-in-1 convertibles and some Lenovo laptops that currently have no hinge angle detection via chassis accelerometer on Linux due to either a firmware / hardware bug, or a lack of drivers. Our laptops are currently unusable as tablets as GNOME heuristics do not work, and will not work until a fix is developed and merged into the kernel, which seems to be quite elusive at the moment (I’ve spent DAYS debugging ACPI tables, trust me). Bref, this is not a problem on GNOME’s part, but I feel something should be included in GNOME to allow users to force tablet mode on easily by enabling a GConf setting.

I don’t think an extension will work for this as (I believe) tablet detection heuristics are deep within the core of Mutter, which would either be inaccessible from GJS, or would change too often and risk frequent breakage.

There could also be another DConf setting to configure whether to disable the internal trackpad + keyboard whenever tablet mode is forced on, as my device does not disable the keyboard and touchpad at all until the hinge is at 360 degrees (which is not detected by the OS), making tent and kiosk mode hard to use.

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