Add Touchpad Scroll Sensitivity Adjustment Feature

Description: The GNOME Control Center’s Mouse & Touchpad settings currently allow users to adjust the speed of the touchpad but do not provide an option to adjust the scroll sensitivity. This feature request aims to introduce a touchpad scroll sensitivity adjustment option. This will enhance user experience by allowing finer control over how much content scrolls with each swipe on the touchpad. It’s particularly beneficial for users who deal with long documents or web pages and need more precise control over scrolling.

Use Case: Many users find the default scroll sensitivity either too fast or too slow, and the lack of an adjustment feature can lead to a less efficient and more frustrating experience. Providing this feature will align GNOME with other operating systems and desktop environments that already offer this capability.

Proposed Mockups:
-A slider below the “Touchpad Speed” slider in the Mouse & Touchpad settings panel.
-The slider should be labeled “Touchpad Scroll Sensitivity” with a range from “Slow” to “Fast” from left to right respectively.
-The slider can look just like the “Touchpad speed” slider.

Design Tasks Create UI mockups for the new scroll sensitivity slider. Design the slider to fit seamlessly with the existing GNOME Control Center aesthetics. Ensure accessibility and localization considerations are met in the design.

Development Tasks Implement the new slider in the GNOME Control Center’s Mouse & Touchpad panel. Add a new GSettings key for touchpad scroll sensitivity. Bind the new slider to the GSettings key. Ensure the setting communicates correctly with the underlying system, possibly requiring coordination with the touchpad driver (like libinput). Test across different GNOME versions and touchpad hardware.

QA Tasks Verify that the slider correctly adjusts the scroll sensitivity. Ensure no regressions in the Mouse & Touchpad settings panel. Test for both functionality and UI consistency across various GNOME themes. Validate that the feature works with different languages and respects accessibility standards.

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