Add small delay to drop-down selection on mouse release from opening click

I want to prevent closing a drop-down by selecting the hovered item when I quickly click the drop-down to expand it and accidentally move my cursor and release.

One can be found on Ubuntu 24.04/23.10/maybe others

  • Press Super
  • Open Advanced Network Configuration
  • Click on any WiFi network name
  • Press settings icon
  • Go to General
  • Click and keep the pointer held down on the drop-down next to “Metered connection”, move the cursor above an option, then release. You will see that the drop-down closes as if you clicked the option you were hovered above when you released the button.

Unfortunately, this also happens if you move as little as a single pixel from pressing the drop-down, to releasing the mouse, which is extremely annoying.

To see this, click and release on the drop-down while moving your mouse slowly to the right or left. It opens and closes, selecting an option you didn’t mean to click.

I would like there to be a delay, like with Alt+Tab showing the open windows, configurable in Settings (accessibility pointing and clicking, or mouse and pointer tab), like 25ms or similar, below which moving the mouse any distance after clicking a drop-down will not close it, selecting the hovered option, when the mouse is released.

I understand the feature, but it should only happen when the mouse is held down and moved intentionally, not moved accidentally during the initial click. At least for me, this happens far too often.