Add "Selection order" to batch rename numbering order options

The “numbering order” options presented when adding automatic numbering to a batch rename action are limited to using the original name or modification timestamp.
Selecting files can be done in different ways (all, shift click, ctrl click, mouse drag, or a combination of those). I would love to see the option to use the order in which the files to rename have been selected.
I do not know if Nautilus has such awareness though.

It would allow me to select multiple files in a non-linear (name- or timestamp-wise) way, either all or just a selection of files, and batch-rename them in that order.

Does Nautilus already have selection order awareness?
Would the end result be obvious enough for the user, when selecting unselecting reselecting, etc?
Is the option of interest to you as well?

Hi Age, as far as I know Files does not have any selection awareness. To accomplish what you want, maybe it could be made more explicit by allowing to sort the elements in the rename dialog list? Using selection order awareness can have downsides for other use-cases.

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