Add "remove safely" option to nautilus

I’ve been using PopOS 22.04 and when I connect an external hard drive nautilus gives me the option “remove safely” when right clicking it. I saw that this option is not available in nautilus 43, and it’s really useful.
Right now I’ve been using udisksctl power-off -b /dev/sdX as a workaround.

Hi Santino, are you sure that just removing the hard drive with the normal unmount button does indeed “unsafely” remove the disk? If I recall correctly disks should always be removed safely. PopOS might have added the explicit “remove safely” to accommodate for Windows user.

Yes, I tested it and when I unmount the hard drive keeps spinning.

Does the disk have multiple partitions or ongoing operations maybe? There should be a notification shown when the ejection was completed successfully.

There are also some filed issues with external drives (e.g.,, though they don’t seem to match exactly what you are describing.

The disk has only one partition, and when I click the unmount button it actually unmounts the partition and shows the notification that the drive can be safely unplugged, but the drive is still spinning.

Ok, seems this an ancient old bug that still lives on

mmm, not sure what happenned but now I have the “Safely remove drive” option. Don’t know if I was blind or something happened. lol


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