Add interactiv as additional option as power button action

It is very inconvenient that you need to perform 4 mouse clicks if you wish to either logout, power-off or reboot via power menu in quick settings in panel. People keep complaining about this.
As alternative, you can set up an action for power button press. Using a laptop, pressing power button is very convenient as it is easy to reach, and it is very unlikely to press it by acident at the same time.
However, in GNOME control center the only actions you can bind to power button is nothing, suspend(immediately) or power-off as a dialog.
So, you have to decide beforehand and set an action which you want to be performed by pressing power button. This is also limiting.
On Cinnamon, I have observed that pressing power button gives you a dialog instead from which you can either choose abort, suspend, reboot or power-off.
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-05-13 02-27-58

Choosing any of these actions in dialog will perform them immediately. Still, it is very unlikely to perform any of those actions by accident, as it requires first physically pressing power button and then choosing from the dialog per mouse click or keyboard.
And it is still a very convenient way to perform any of those actions.

As GNOME already offers such a dialog in principle, only that it is limited to power-off only and as I see no obvious good reason for this limitation I hence suggest as conservative approach to add as fourth option for power button press Interactive which would add reboot and suspend to power-off dialog:

As non-conservativ approach I suggest to replace power-off option with interactive option.