Add `gsetting` variable (in GNOME 46?) for configuring suspend/restart/shutdown/log-out buttons

Hi, first time “contributor” here, so please inform me if this follows correct FR GNOME processes.

Would it be possible to add a gsetting to toggle the status of shutdown (and friends) buttons individually?
Currently, there’s a userspace extension that does this exact job, i.e. being able to hide/show these buttons.
GDM already partially supports this behaviour, by manually adding the dconf variable org.gnome.login-screen disable-restart-buttons true, however it’s a little hacky (it can’t control individual buttons, and it doesn’t hide the option, just the toggleable submenu).

With login-screen RDP finally shipping with GNOME 46, I was wondering if it’d be possible to add this as well, it’d help with a few usecases of an unmanned kiosk etc. where RDP is the best (sane) way to connect remotely.


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