Add dropdown selection for breadcrumb navigation

Adding a dropdown menu like this, that is present in some other file managers, would make breadcrumb navigation more fluent.

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Hi, thanks for the idea.

What’s the benefit of this? You can already click in the parent folder to get access to the same list of subfolders. Is it just because it filters files out and displays only folders?

Hi, thanks for the reply!

Having more than one way of doing things is not bad imo. When navigating breadcrumbs it might be convenient to see some of the subfolders without actually jumping there and then going back with the left arrow. The filtering can also help if you’re looking to jump into a subfolder.

How would it work on larger directories though? If l look at where I’m at when I most frequently navigate between sibling directories and this could save a single click, that’s working in directories like my tax administration with dozens of subdirectories or in one of my work projects with dozens to hundreds of subdirectories. Dolphin bugs out on that as you can see in below.

The test directory has 256 subdirectories and I can only access 31 of them directly, with another 29 in inconvenient “More” submenu . I don’t find this functionality practical or well thought out. It would maybe save a single click for smaller directories (if you manage to click ‘>’ instead of the parent directory), waste a click on larger directories and for me would not be worth the it.

Another solution to this could be to make the dropdown menu scrollable, but yes, that doesn’t work very well with many subdirectories. I also thought it would be pretty fun to add a search bar to the menu with incremental search. Anyway, the feature has its drawbacks, but improves UX a little.

Maybe too little? Currently, I believe the costs outweigh the benefits. This would essentially be reimplementing the main view as a dropdown. It would be fair to expect features such as drag-and-drop and context menus. It’s surprisingly a lot of added complexity, both in code and in interaction design. Plus the added maintenance burden of more possible bugs and more things to test when making changes.

But I’m ready to be convinced otherwise.

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