Add / Change (Editable): General > Storage > Location (Label), deja-dup 44.2

Would like to have the Location (Label) Editable rather than just Default “Lexar”.

I keep Dual backups and it would help if deja-dup 44.2 would be able to Distinguish the Different Backups.

Believe there used to be a way to do this in an earlier version. I may be wrong or have missed something.

Thank you, Jim

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Hello! We don’t currently support dual backups. Here’s an issue about supporting multiple profiles that you can watch, but it’s not likely to happen, sorry: [Feature request] Multiple profiles (#91) · Issues · World / Déjà Dup Backups · GitLab

Is that what you’re talking about? Is Lexar the brand of your flash drive?

The “dual backups” are Two backups. One backup to each Individual Thumb Drive. One Backup is stored Locally and the Other is stored Offsite.

Yes, Lexar is the brand of the flash drives.

Apparently, I was incorrect about the prior ability of this Utility to name the drives.

Thank you, Jim

PS: This may help some>

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