Activity and Show Apps buttons are far away

These is the way for opening AppGrid only using mouse .
1 Click Activity Button of top left
2 Move the pointer to Show App Button of bottom right and Click it.
User have to move mouse long distance .
I think GNOME is not easy to use for people using mouse especially beginners🔰.
It had better change UI for mouse users.

My idea is showing Dock always. You can open App Grid only one click. However I know GNOME‘s developers hate it😢
Do you have any idea?

This is a known issue, but a solution hasn’t been agreed upon yet. Making the dash permanently visible would make the workflow a lot more vague and confusing, so that’s not going to happen.

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I created ActivityAppLauncher extension for this. You can test it here: Activity App Launcher - GNOME Shell Extensions

I’m also working in a new version that better integrates in the applications list, but there is still a little bug that I’m trying to fix. This is how this branch looks:

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