Active window duplicate opening on 2nd screen?

In the past couple of days I’ve noticed a pretty weird bug (Gnome 43, OpenSUSE TW). I have a 3 monitors setup (arranged from left to right: 1920x1080, 2560x1440, rotated 1920x1080). Sometimes when I maximize window on the center (main, 2560x1440) screen I see a duplicate of the window (it like a ghost, not actionable visual copy) on the left monitor.
So far it seems to be limited to Electron apps - but as the sample size is small I can’t tell it with certainty. The app that seems to trigger this in the most consistent manner is Joplin.

I wonder - has anyone encountered this problem? And how you would go about troubleshooting it to find the cause (Gnome, Electron, drivers…)?

That’s which will be fixed in 43.1.

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