[ACTION REQUIRED] Register to GUADEC 2020 + Intern activities

Dear interns, we hope everybody is doing well in the second half of your internship period that just started.

From July 22nd to July 28th, we will have GUADEC, which is the main GNOME conference. Every year hundreds of GNOME contributors and users gather in some locations around the world to meet, collaborate, and plan the future of the project. This year, GUADEC will be a virtual conference. You can check the complete program for the conference here: https://events.gnome.org/event/1/timetable/#20200722

Make sure you register for GUADEC as soon as possible.

Every year, we have an interns’ lightning talks session at GUADEC, which is a very popular event. You will have 3 minutes allocated during which you will be able to present your work using no more than 5 slides.

Sometimes interns hesitate about doing the talk because they’ve never done one before or English is their second language. I’d like to assure you it will be the friendliest and most supportive environment to make your speaking debut and English is a second language for the majority of GUADEC attendees. GSoC admins, your mentors, or other interns will usually be happy to help you rehearse your talk at some earlier point during GUADEC. Interns also typically enjoy having an opportunity to speak about their project after going to many talks by other people. You can watch the video of the interns’ lightning talks session from last year to see what it was like:

You will have 3 minutes for your presentation, and all the slides will be compiled in one presentation file ahead of time. Please send your slides to us in the .pdf format by Monday, July 20. (If you are using LibreOffice, you can use File -> Export as PDF… to convert slides to .pdf format.) You can have up to 3 slides with text/screenshots, and optionally up to 2 more slides with screenshots and only a short caption. Please include your name, your mentor’s name, project, and program on the first slide. Please practice to be sure you can complete your presentation in under 3 minutes. We will compile all your slides in one big pdf, so there will be no time lost on switching between users screen sharing.