Acknowledgment of GTK+ in my program

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could someone please inform me of a simple, concise statement that I can prominently display on the opening page and in an about dialogue of my program that acknowledges my use of GTK+ to create the GUI. I haven’t altered GTK+ in any way, but I do not wish to provide access to the source-code for my application. Answer me this in plain English: am I legally required to provide access to my own source-code? If so what possible hope have I got if I am to commercialize my app?


You can use GTK in your program without releasing its source code.

More details : GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

  • Assuming you are using GTK and not modifying and selling it.
  • It is GTK not GTK+

I am not modifying GTK but I hope to be able to either sell my program outright or sell licences to use it, this may, or may not involve packaging GTK together with my executable and also an xterm such as minGW. Where do I stand legally with regards to packaging?

You can use GTK in proprietary program without any issue. I don’t know about xterm or co.

I am not a lawyer and even if someone reading/commenting here is they are not your lawyer

If your need legal advice I suggest you get a lawyer

As other have already said: Linking your app against GTK is fine, even if it is proprietary.

It is not required to give credit, but putting a sentence like “Built with GTK” or “Built with GTK” into your about dialog is appreciated.

Hi Matthias and Others,
I have put Built with GTK into my about dialog as well as the GNULesserLicence as an introductory message on the opening notebook page,
Thanks for taking time to reply, I’m now trying to build my program on Windows, expect more stupid questions, any helpfull hints…,

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