"Account not created" in Geary 3.38

Hi, I installed 3.38 with Flatpak but could not add my Gmail acct. Got “something wrong” and “Account not created” (not incorrect password). I am using a Gmail app-specific password, which works with 3.36 and other email apps. I read that if I install Gnome Settings and Online Accounts, I can then see my Gmail account in Geary. But I’m using Lubuntu, which doesn’t have Gnome Settings or Online Accounts (that I know of). And installing them requires an extra 20 or 30 pkgs. I tried placing the v3.36 .config/geary ini files in the Flatpack geary subdir, but they seem to be ignored. Is there some simple way I can make 3.38 Flatpak version work with app-specific passwords, by putting the 3.36 geary.ini files in the right place?

BTW, where is the password data stored?

Also I read that 3.38 is available in Ubuntu 20.10 as a regular apt-get install – is that correct? [Edit] n.m, I see it’s there, but not sure if I want to update to non-LTS version.

thanks very much

If you want to be able to use Gmail with the OAuth login, you’ll need GNOME Settings, which includes GNOME Online Accounts. You can’t circumvent this. You can probably connect to gmail with IMAP/SMTP but it’s a mess to enable in Gmail and quite unreliable. As for where the passwords are stored, it’s in gnome-keyring, but it doesn’t matter as Geary only fetches those credentials through GOA.

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Thanks, but I want to use app-specific passwords, which worked before in Geary. I’ve used Gmail IMAP for many years, so I don’t know what you mean about being a mess.

My understanding is that Geary is an IMAP client, it doesn’t use REST for Gmail operations. As you say, Geary can use OAuth for authentication, but the rest is all IMAP. Correct me if I’m wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know more than that: GMail requires OAuth, so geary stores those credentials in GOA and so needs GOA to securely retrieve those credentials later on. So you’ll need GOA to use GMail with OAuth.

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