Account deletion

I can’t see any option for this. I searched the boards. I found quite a few threads saying you can anonymize rather than delete. I also found responses from admins saying it can be done by contacting admins, but I can’t find a way to do that.

I may be interested in anonymize option but would like to know:

Does this mean the account still exists and my data (such as email address) is still held on your servers?

talks about it

If you’re referring to your account on Discourse, then: no, anonymisation will remove all the personal information.

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Thanks, could you please go ahead and anonymize my account.

I also want my account deleted.

Since Discourse refuse to delete accounts, I now regret making the account.

Acting to help others turns out in the end to be a mistake.

I will not make Discourse accounts in the future.

Can you anomymize my account as well, please.

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