Accessing evolution calendars from scripts

Hi all, I wonder if there is a tutorial or documentation regarding accessing evolution calendars from scripts. In general, I would like to write a code like the following:

db = ConnectToMyEvolutionDB(...)
for calendar in db.calendars:
    for item in calendar.items:

I am not saying I want to use Python. It can also be a query language. Any language would work. I will be grateful if you give me a link to start reading.

the evolution-data-server generates GObject Introspection bindings,
which can be used from scripting languages like Python. I do not have
any Python script reference, only documentation references, like:

to list available calendars, you call:

with E_SOURCE_EXTENSION_CALENDAR as a parameter (it evaluates to
“Calendar” , but I do not see a reference to it in the gi-docgen
generated documentation).

With the list of the calendar ESource-s you can connect to each using
an ECalClient API:

Please note the gtk-doc documentation contains also generic description
of the objects, which is lost in the gi-docgen documentation (above

There are no real examples, but maybe the test programs will be good as
a starter:


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