Accessibility properties in ui files for gtk4

In a gtk3 app, I might have a .ui builder file chunk like the following, to set an accessibility property:

<child internal-child="accessible">
    <object class="AtkObject" id="back-button-atkobject">
        <property name="AtkObject::accessible-name" translatable="yes">Back</property>

In gtk4, AtkObject is gone and the a11y layer is fairly different. But I haven’t been able to find an example in the gtk source or documentation for what the new .ui file syntax for setting accessibility properties is. I think I could do the above in code with something like:

gtk_accessible_update_property(GTK_ACCESSIBLE(button), GTK_ACCESSIBLE_PROPERTY_LABEL, _("Back"), -1);

But can anyone share how would I do it in the .ui file? The gtk4 docs mention builder files, but don’t have an example.

Thanks in advance!

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The XML syntax is:

  <property name="…">…</property>
  <relation name="…">…</relation>
  <state name="…">…</state>

as documented in the GtkWidget as GtkBuildable section. The property, relation, and state names are described in the Accessibility section of the API reference.


Thank you! Missed that bit.

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