Accessibility - Making the characters on toolbar and buttons larger

I am a casual user of 2.10.30 on a laptop and 27-inch display. I have checked the Preferences menu for a way to make the characters on the Toolbar and Buttons larger and found nothing. Have I missed something? Is this a feature that may be in a later release? If so, high-visibility backgrounds like those on the Samsung mobile keyboard would be helpful. Thank you.

Pardon? Surely you don’t mean GNOME 2.10 from 2005?

Please excuse me. I am new to Discourse, and apparently, I am in the wrong forum.

The version number looks a lot like a GIMP version number. Was your question about GIMP? If so, please use the GIMP tag, because this discourse instance is used for multiple projects.

(Though I think it would be better if GIMP had a separate category/subcategory, because it is a large enough project, not part of the core GNOME desktop and there have been multiple posts already that were confused by the way tags are currently used)

Greetings! Yes, it was about Gimp, but I am lost inside Discourse. I do not understand how to use it.

Thank you.

In Gimp this is done by using a different “Theme” (Edit > Preferences > Interface > Themes). But all the standard themes have the same font size, so you have to either find a suitable theme or create/edit your own theme (see for instance this).

Note that if your 27" display and your laptop have very different definitions, you’ll have to switch themes depending on where Gimp is.

Thank you for the help, Ofnuts. Have a pleasant day!

Ofnuts - I’ve used GIMP since version 2.4.x and I’m embarrassed I didn’t know about the simple gtkrc edit to increase UI font and size.

Thanks for this reply.


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