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Hello, I am Abhishek and I am seeking projects that align with my technical expertise for the upcoming GSoC. My areas of expertise include web development and data management using technologies such as Next.js, Node.js, and Azure, among others. Currently, I am unable to view the project list and am uncertain which project matches my skills. I am a genuine contributor who is interested in making a meaningful impact, not someone who is merely searching for grammar and padding issues. I would be extremely grateful if you could guide me in finding an appropriate project for my skills. Thank you.

Hi, I’m afraid there isn’t much overlap between your expertise and what we build here in GNOME. Take a look at Issues · Teams / Engagement / Internship Project Ideas · GitLab to have an idea of the type of work we are proposing. Also GNOME + GSoC | 2022 Project Ideas for the list of our past projects.