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Very good initiative.

Thank you! We hope you’ll enter. For more information - www.gnome.org/challenge

I would like to know if people from Italy are still UNable to participate in the Community Engagement Challenge. According to the challenge terms (https://www.gnome.org/challenge/terms/): “… Residents of Brazil and Italy are excluded due to local laws restricting contests.”
Are these restrictions still active or can italian developers participate? (By the way, Phase 1 only requires participants to send a written proposal)
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I imagine if there had been any change the rules would have been updated

That’s not the issue here, I would guess the problem is that you may win $1000 which the Italian Republic possibly classifies as gambling



I’m one of the Phase 1 winning candidate for my project ‘FOSSDorm.’ I
want to clear up some doubts regarding Phase 2 here. I also mailed a few days ago,
but have not received any response yet.

  1. As far as I know, we have to submit a working prototype in Phase 2.
    So, I want to ask if the solution has to be only Linux desktop apps
    built using GTK? Or, can we build a Web app to make it accessible to
    anyone through the browser? Please suggest to me.

  2. As you have shared the link[1] for submitting the final project,
    the link is not working. Do you mean we have to submit here[2]?
    Please share the exact location where we can create a folder with the project
    and submit all the code. If there is a specific format we have to
    follow, do share that as well.

  3. For Phase 1 prizes, is it totally fine to give the address of my own
    country (India) to get the check? because I don’t know anyone in the

[1] http://gnome.gitlab.com/
[2] https://gitlab.gnome.org/explore/groups