About CloudProviders and its implementation

Since the drop of system tray and even before, GNOME started to bring solutions for apps that are relies on tray icons for existing features. One of these solutions was CloudProviders, which is a way to integrate cloud storage providers into Nautilus in a consistent way for the user.

But that was on 2017, and since then, almost nothing has happened. ownCloud implemented it on 2019, and Nextcloud was the first to do it. Also, there are open issues for MEGAsync, but seems to be ignored. And it seems that nobody cares about Dropbox being integrated

Even the Google Drive’s Nautilus integration goes via GVFS instead of CloudProviders (and it’s not accesible from any Flatpak app)

So… what happened to this proposal?

Hi, Nahuel.

The cloud providers API is out there, but we cannot force anyone to use it. Just like the tray icons API is out there and we cannot force anyone NOT to use it.

Google Drive’s integration doesn’t do file sync nor work offline, so it has no need for any of features provided by libcloudprovider.

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