A teaching platform

Hey, guys.

From my point of view, many people want to help in the development of open source projects, but do not know how to start. In my case I knew how to program in Java and had a little knowledge in C just the basics. But it was not enough, there are several things I had to learn, like directory structure, GObject, meson.build, GSettings among other things that I am still learning.
I believe that open source development would have the possibility to recruit more collaborators if platforms such as EDX, Coursera, among others, offered courses on the subject, created to assist in the teaching and development of open source projects, so that more people could help in the development and creation of new projects


May be we can start by creating a group in matrix /telegram or some other platform where interested people would join.discuss on what they are good at and how they can help.

We already have something like that and that is the #newcomers channel on matrix/rocketchat. Let’s not create more channels at this point. Let’s focus on driving people to specific areas. You can join this channel at - #newcomers:gnome.org

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