A replacement for event.get_click_count?


I’m trying to port desktop-icons extension for Gnome shell 43, but I block on my first observed problem : the get_click_event method seem have been removed but I can’t find how to retrieve click count (or distinguished unique and double click). Furthermore, I’m a quite lost and not sure where to look for documentation on this sort of things. There is a guide for migrating extensions from gnome 38 to >40, gtk3 to 4, all adapted to the context of the extensions? In particula, a doc listing the deprecated methods and the replacement solutions?


The porting guide for GNOME Shell 40 is on gjs.guide.

The migration guide for GTK3 → GTK4 in the official documentation.

You’ll have to be more particular to get particular answers. There is very little special “context” to extensions, but I would suggest reading through the Overview Section for a quick introduction.

For get_click_count(), you’ll want to look into Event Controllers, which is covered in the migration guide.

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