A quick settings menu small bug that greatly affect accessibility

Hi there, there’s already a bug report of this issue Wrong margin for system menu on RTL (#5261) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab, so I hope it’s not annoying to have a discussion about it here.

The bug is, wrong quick-settings menu margin on RTL languages.
I’m a fully able person, but this bug still causes me to hunt for the menu quite frequently.
These are the 2 most common mistakes I personally do

I’d imagine if a user was visually impaired, or had motor issues, this would cause lots of frustration, as it’s not only a wrong margin value, the menu moves slightly depending on how many items are active.


  • I have no experience in programming, so I’m not sure how hard fixing this, but I’m not sure about the need to mirror the shell in the first place, is there a reason for it other than convention?
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I’ve investigated this shifting myself as well and it seems to be related to whether or not the quick toggle adds an icon to the panel status area–the shift is due to the icon–and filed a bug related to that.

You’ll be happy to learn a fix has landed to address both of these. :slight_smile:

Believe me, I saw it hours after and was super happy about it :grin:

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