A question about GtkAboutDialog decoration and buttons


Seems that the default configuration of GtkAboutDialog decoration in Gtk4 is replaced by a GtkStackSwitcher in a GtkHeaderBar that breaks the common look style of application.

Is it possible to go back to GTK+3 styling, i.e. with buttons (“About”, “Credits”… “Close”) down of info area ?

What’s a “common look style”?

GtkAboutDialog is not “an application”, so you should not style it as such.

Not really, no.

With “common look style”, I just mean the style used along of other windows of my application. In fact, I don’t use header bars (GtkHeaderBar), but just only simple decorations (title & buttons).

So, in this case, writing a customized AboutDialog (maybe from GtkDialog…) should be the recommended ?

I think so. GtkAboutDialog is the sort of GNOME-specific API that probably wouldn’t be accepted into GTK today.

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