A 600 records tremodel loaded show black on wayland and oversized on X11

I have a ~600 records tremodel loaded correctly, no warnings and show black on wayland and rows oversized on X11. Happends in fixed and non fixed row height. If I just load 450 records (650 total) the problem is removed.
I try to reverse the data in the model to be sure is not a data problem but with last records and 450 lines also show OK.

Oversized X11 pic of the treeview. Wayland show full black the Scrolled Window.

This is the glade part:

Im using Glade and Python 3.7.
Thanks in advance.

Is it a GtkListStore, GtkTreeStore or a custom model?

is a GtkListStore want the definition?

Not for now. In the UI XML the GtkTreeView has the fixed_height_mode property set to True. Does the problem persist if you set it to False?

yes in both. here are the model:


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Maybe I need a other type of model to store/manipulate large ammounts of data?

IMHO 600 rows should not be a problem. Could you provide a minimal sample that shows the issue?

working on it hope I can share soon

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I’ll have a look when it’s ready, just take your time. :wink:

With this simplest Glade file also happends (is wrapped into a container glade file).
Im geting this on console:
gtk_list_store_get_value: assertion ‘column < priv->n_columns’ failed


previous glade link dont work, how to share long text paste here?

No worries, I edited your post; you’ve just got hit by the automatic moderation for posting a lot of links to the same website in a short time.

You can edit your posts on Discourse to add more details.

Let’s see…one important thing to note is that GtkTreeView supports the GtkScrollable interface. What does that mean? That means that you can directly add a GtkTreeView inside a GrkScrolledWindow, without the GtkViewport in-between. The GtkViewport is not needed and could even cause the problems you described.

So I have edited the UI XML from your first post and removed the GtkViewport. https://paste.debian.net/1126469/

Try and let me know if it fixes the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

In my home PC dont have the issue so seems can be your thing or my HiDPI monitor at work.
Reply here on monday.

Thanks so much for the fast reply.

removing the viewport fix the problem!!!
Thanks so much for the help @lb90 !

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