400% zoom unreadable icon labels

Now tried both OpenSuse Aeon and Fedora Silverblue so this seems like a Gnome issue to me:


The icon dock at the bottom is also not properly zoomed, and app window descriptions often cover it completely.

GNOME Shell is not ideal for low-resolution displays. I’m addressing this issue in the V-Shell extension, which you can try.

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That’s fantastic! It worked perfectly and I really couldn’t continue using Gnome without it. Have you contacted the Gnome developers about getting your zoom fixes into the main branch?

Without using your add-on, there’s really multitudes of issues with high zoom:

V-Shell code cannot be easily moved upstream, but the approach is obvious:

  • The grid should adapt to icons, not the other way around. Additionally icons can adapt to the screen size
  • Maximum dash height limit should not ignore scale factor
  • Selected and app icons with expanded labels should be set above their siblings
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