4 finger pinch-to-zoom feature for resizing application windows on convertibles

Dear Developers,

as I am working with my convertible I was trying to resize my applications on gnome desktop with my fingers and it did not worked. I found out there is no pinch to zoom function implemented in gnome but I was looking for something like two finger zooming as I am known to it with tablets or smartphones.

The most natural way which comes in my mind is using two hands represented by 2 fingers each and it makes it possible to stretch the window as far as the users hands can go. Like you want to show someone the shape of an rectangle. It has to be done at least with 4 fingers to be activate because there are applications using 2 finger gestures to resize its content. For this we can use the outer most coordinates to adjust the windows size.

This should be especially comfortable on big screens with 15 inch or more like my device is. For me it feels like I am in a science fiction movie when doing that gesture right to resize applications.

what do you think about that idea?

Kind regards

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