3.36 Release party planning - How to

Hi everyone. Right GNOME 3.36 will be released on Wednesday next week (that is March 11 ), and well a great way to acknowledge and and rise awareness about the new release and GNOME in general is to gather some friends and organize a release party [0],.

Relevant, guides, information and resources about how to organize a release party is available on the engagement wiki [1].

I think that basically any question about hosting a release party or the new release is welcome
(we will yes do our best to answer questions you as a organizer or community member may have).

And yes quite a bit of information about upcoming features of GNOME 3.36 is available and can be found in this Gitlab [2] ticket. Happy celebrating.

0 https://wiki.gnome.org/Events/ReleaseParties/ThreePointThirtysix
1 https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/Events#Release_Parties
2 https://gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Engagement/release-notes/issues/18


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