100% free my ass!

The app states credit card for age verification only. 100% free. This is BS! I was charged a $2.99 charge AND told I needed updated CC info, so I wasn’t even able to make a “FREE” account. The card apparently worked fine for me to be ripped off! I expect my card to be refunded asap to prevent escalating this on my end.

Then you got GIMP from some third party which charges for it, or, more likely, charges for the remote desktop connection to a server where they run GIMP sessions for you. At least that is what I can speculate about without having more information, like what exactly you got from where.

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GIMP is a free/gratis download for all OSes, from the download links on its website: GIMP - Downloads.


I think you may be posting in a forum that is not related to the people who ripped you off. This is a forum for Gnome (website: https://www.gnome.org/) and GIMP (website: https://www.gimp.org/). If you were trying to get the GIMP app, and you were not getting it from the GIMP project’s download page (GIMP - Downloads), then you were getting it from someone else.

What was this “app”? What is its name? What is its website URL?

I’m sad that this happened to you. :frowning:

I got it on the app store. The charge came from within the app itself while creating an account. I found the merchant services company that processed the charge and got it taken care of.

Interesting. Which app store (Apple macOS, Apple iOS, Windows, Android, etc)? And what vendor was making the offer within the app store? If you can describe how you were led astray, that may help others in the future avoid the trap.

That is good news!

Just as follow up, after investigation, there was a very well done ad , basically a pop up, that covers the Gimp screen with an almost invisible x. I closed that and gimp was open behind it. Thanks for dealing with me. Now to learn Gimp!

Very sneaky! I wish the people who do these things would devote as much energy to supporting free software as they do to freeloading off of it.

In any case, welcome to GIMP. Have fun!
—Jim DeLaHunt

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