Zenity waits for 30ish seconds before showing dialogs on non Gnome desktops

As a follow up from Zenity Dialogs take 30 seconds to show on a non Gnome system. (#64) · Issues · GNOME / zenity · GitLab on my non Gnome system zenity dialogs and even zenity --help takes 30 seconds to output. Other then the fact that timeout is probably too long does anyone have any thoughts on what is not running on my system that’s causing the issue?

Hi @simotek! Install gdb and do the following:

  1. gdb --args zenity --help
  2. Type run
  3. After about 10 seconds, press Ctrl+C
  4. Type thread apply all bt
  5. Post the output here :slightly_smiling_face:

Note that for best results you should have debuginfod support enabled in your system. Otherwise you can install debug packages for GLib and GTK.

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As a wild guess, it may be GTK programs hang on startup when xdg-desktop-prortal cannot be started (#4830) · Issues · GNOME / gtk · GitLab

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Thanks, looks like it is, now I guess we need to see if they will reopen the ticket, given applications like zenity seem to run fine without those gtk connections.

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