You cannot change the view in the file selection window.

I apologize in advance for the text from the translator.

The standard file selection window has only a tabular view, this is extremely inconvenient, especially when you need to find and select an image. Could you add the ability to switch the view, as in the main explorer? Thanks for attention.

This may be relevant to you:

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I’ve heard from somewhere (I don’t remember where) that GNOME 43 will use its file explorer a.k.a Files app for file selection. If it’s true, maybe that’ll fix your issue.

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No, it’s not going to happen with GNOME 43. In any case, it would only be useful for sandboxed applications.

The proper way to fix the file selection dialog in GTK is to fix the file selection dialog, not route around it.

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I try to compensate for this limitation by providing the opportunity to create custom file filters. The user can set on own file filter while the dialog is running, the API functions in question are: gtk_file_filter_add_pattern(filter, "*.jpg"), gtk_file_filter_add_mime_type(filter, "image/png").

What I can’t understand by File Chooser, why some images are represented by standard icons and some by own previews. Can we enforce a specific behaviour for all images?

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