Yelp-build output directory no longer working?

I am updating the geeqie package for Fedora Linux 34. Suddenly, with no apparent related change, the docs don’t build. It creates them from docbook files using yelp-build html -o html ./docbook/GuideIndex.xml from a Makefile. The first thing I discovered is that it now needs -i as well, because the icon files aren’t in the same directory at build time and are copied into place later. But there’s another oddity:

Although if the given output dir (html) doesn’t exist, it fails, the actual html, css, and js output ends up in the parent directory instead. I tested this by hand and get the same problem. What might be going on here?

Huh. Apparently I need:

yelp-build html -i -o html/ ./docbook/GuideIndex.xml

instead of

yelp-build html -i -o html ./docbook/GuideIndex.xml

That’s… surprising.

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