Wish to shorten tags in subject

I watch some categories and receive the emails and my mailer has a fix window width and the subject is too long to be read.

E.g. A subject is “[GNOME Discourse] [Platform] Am I right that g_date_copy doesn’t work?” and I can see “[GNOME Discourse] [ Platform] An I right that” only in my mailer and it’s too difficult to guess the contents from the subject.

I wonder if the tags are more shorten.

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Honestly having “[GNOME Discourse]” at the front of the subject is kind of redundant, summary emails are “From: GNOME Discourse summary” and individual emails are “From: Username via GNOME Discourse”, plus there are plenty of ways to auto-tag discourse email in the mail reader if the users wants them identified as such.

However, since I suspect this is another Discourse thing that the local admins have no control over, is it perhaps at least possible to change the name of the Discourse instance from “GNOME Discourse” to just “GNOME”? That’d shorten the subject lines considerably, and relayed individual emails would still be “From: Username via GNOME” which seems adequately clear enough to me. Plus, it matches the banner shown at the top of the landing page, where the word “Discourse” is nowhere in sight.

I know “Discourse” doesn’t have to be in the name used in the email subjects, because I also get messages with subjects like “[Ask Fedora] Summary ...” and “[Coding Horror Discussion] Summary ...”. (Man, Attwood likes his long names, huh?)

I’ve dropped [GNOME Discourse] from the subjects. Discourse is actually really quite customisable.


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