'window-added' callback and WindowTracker.get_window_app()

In one of my extensions I call WindowTracker.get_window_app() from a ‘window-added’ callback. This has worked fine since GNOME 3.0 but in GNOME 41.3 get_window_app() is returning NULL.

Might this be related to the window tracker changes that were introduced in 41.3? And if so what do I need to change to get things working again?

That wasn’t intentional, but yes.

The issue is that WindowTracker now uses the MetaDisplay::window-created signal, which is emitted slightly later than MetaWorkspace::window-added.

It’s probably a good idea to partially back out of those changes on the stable branches again, but switching to the window-created signal should work for your extension in any case.

Thanks, Florian, using ‘window-created’ works.

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