Width of entry in cellrenderercombo

Is there any way to control the width of the entry in a cellrenrenderercombo which hsa ‘has-entry’

It seems to have a fixed width of 12 characters , no matter what is in the combo model, which is too big. In my circurcumstance it is bigger than the renderer, ie AAA is the the renderer and BBBB is the entry when you click on it (one is just a list of ints so up to 2 characters)



The minimum size of the GtkCellRendererCombo is dictated by the size of the GtkComboBox widget, which is in turn dictated by the minimum size of the GtkEntry inside it. A GtkEntry has a minimum size of 150 pixels that is hard coded into GTK, as smaller entries would be useless for interaction.

You cannot access the GtkEntry widget inside the GtkComboBox, so you cannot change the size of the GtkCellRendererCombo.

So not a good fit for my use.
Just a suggestion, wouldn’t it be better to have this as a default, rather than fixed. 12 characters is a lot as a minimum for an editable dropdown.

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