Widget Invisible when created via GIR

If I compile a program normally my widget appears (WebKitGTK+ widget).
Whenever I try to do the same via G-Object Introspection bindings, the widget does not appear.

The bindings work fine on other user’s machines.

Any ideas how on how to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Mind pasting an example of your code?

Absolutely! Here is the G-Object Introspection code:

In order to run it you have to load cl-gobject-introspection, which can be found here: https://github.com/andy128k/cl-gobject-introspection.

(cl:defpackage #:gir-test-web
  (:use #:cl))
(in-package #:gir-test-web)

(defvar *gtk* (gir:ffi "Gtk"))
(defvar *gdk* (gir:ffi "Gdk"))
(defvar *webkit* (gir:require-namespace "WebKit2"))

(cffi:defcallback hello :void ((btn-ptr :pointer))
  (let ((button (gir::build-object-ptr (gir:nget *gtk* "Button") btn-ptr)))
    (setf (gir:property button 'label) "OK"))
  (format t "Hello, pressed~%"))

(defun event->key (ev)
  (let ((k (gir:field ev "keyval"))
        (state (gir:field ev "state"))
        (modifiers (list)))
    (dolist (mdef '((#b1    :shift)
                    (#b100  :ctrl)
                    (#b1000 :alt)))
      (destructuring-bind (int modifier)
        (unless (zerop (logand int state))
          (push modifier modifiers))))
    (values (case k
              (65361 :left-arrow)
              (65362 :up-arrow)
              (65363 :right-arrow)
              (65364 :down-arrow)
              (otherwise k))

(defun main ()
  (gir:invoke (*gtk* 'init) nil)
  (let ((window (gir:invoke (*gtk* "Window" 'new)
                            (gir:nget *gtk* "WindowType" :toplevel)))
        (view (gir:invoke (*webkit* "WebView" 'new)))
        (button (gir:invoke (*gtk* "Button" 'new-with-label) "Hello, world!"))
        (button2 (gir:invoke (*gtk* "Button" 'new-with-label) "Dummy!"))
        (box (gir:invoke (*gtk* "Box" 'new) (gir:nget *gtk* "Orientation" :vertical) 0)))
    (gir:invoke (window 'set_default_size) 800 600)
    (gir::g-signal-connect-data (gir::this-of window)
                                (cffi:foreign-symbol-pointer "gtk_main_quit")
    (gir:connect window :key-press-event
                 (lambda (widget event)
                   (declare (ignore widget))
                   (let ((event-object
                          (gir::build-struct-ptr (gir:nget *gdk* "EventKey")
                     (print  (event->key event-object)))))
    (gir:connect button :clicked
                 (lambda (button)
                   (setf (gir:property button 'label) "OK")))
    (gir:invoke (view 'load_uri) "https://gnu.org")
    (gir:invoke (box 'add) button)
    (gir:invoke (box 'pack-start) view t t 100)
    (gir:invoke (box 'add) button2)
    (gir:invoke (window 'add) box)
    (gir:invoke (window 'show-all))
    (gir:invoke (*gtk* 'main))))

This code renders correctly on other platforms. Everything except WebKitGTK+ widgets render correctly on my platform. I’m not sure how to debug this issue- especially since WebKitGTK+ widgets work just fine when I compile C examples.

Thank you for your time.

Please, file a bug on the introspection bindings code. If the equivalent C code works, then it’s a binding issue, and has nothing to do with introspection.

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